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I bought a mklll 22/45 and i love how it shoots, but want to upgrade things like the grips, barrel, trigger etc. and after searching i think i'm finding out that mk lll parts cant be put on mk lll 22/45 is this right? did i buy a ruger that has almost no upgrades? please help!

thanks, i never thought about milling the frame. however, i was hoping more to put molded grips, or even custom grips on. this sounds weird, but i'm trying to shoot ameteur competitions at a club my parents belong to. they shoot pardinis and i'm good enough to beat them with a $300 gun, and thats what i'm trying to do, if i could make it a little more comfortable. i may just trade her in and get a mkll or mklll, forget the 22/45, shoots good but seems more like a youth gun than anything. really appreciate the feedback, and thanks for the detailed pictures.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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