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Ruger P-95

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Ruger P-95 I have not seen the gun however a reliable source told me that it is in good condition and functions. The only thing is is it does not have a clip. Anyways as long as it works i can buy a clip , but do you guys think its a good buy at 150.00. Will I always be able to get my 150.00 back out of it. And are they a reliable good shooting gun ? I only want it for home protection so scratches n all mean little to me I just want it to work and to get my money out of it if I sale it
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$150.00 is a great price, even without a magazine.
I agree. Buy it if it hasn't been obviously abused.
In my opinion, if it's a good clean gun - it's a fair price - but without a clip I wouldn't pay more than that for it. I do not own any of the Ruger P series - and I'm not aware of any problems with them - but they are not as popular as the other poly frame guns like the Glock, etc.

I don't know if you really want a poly gun or a gun with a decocker - but I would look at the used Sig 226's and 229's in your area - or used Glocks to get a comparison.
I paid $300 for my p90 stainless used w/ 1 mag it was in good condition but that p95 sounds like a good deal i love rugers p series guns I have a p85 too and never had a single problem and they are easy to field strip and clean and eat everything i feed them and are accurate as i will ever be. Ive never shot a polymer framed p series but i would assume they are of the same quality as mine

Had a p-95 at one time, wish I still did :oops: . Good gun, especially at that price.
If its half as good as my p-85, you will like it. Ruger builds strong p series pistols.
For that price, if it seems to be in good working order, you are doing well.

BTW, if you buy a CLIP and jam it into your MAGAZINE well, you are going to mess up your autoloader.
I just purchased a p-95 for $200 with 2 clips and original case, and having put about 300 hundred rounds through it i'm really happy with it. The only thing I have as far as input is the price of mags. New from Ruger you are looking at paying $38 for a single mag. You can get them a little cheaper on e-bay or such sites, or you can go for the aftermarket stuff which i'm personally hesitant to try. Also you might want to run the serial number by the folks at ruger to figure out the date of manufacture since some people talk bad about the early models.

I bought my P95 from Gart Sports 4 years ago. They were closing out the P95 for 299.00 NIB! For the price, this pistol is the best bargain in accurate 9mm pistols. It's not pretty but it shoots pretty.
I have a P-97 DC. I have about $250 into it, and it's been a great gun. I use it for home defence, but I've shot roughly 120 rounds through it and haven't had a single malfunction. Given mine's a .45, but Ruger makes a pretty darn good gun.

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