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ruger recoil

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Ok i was jus about to get ready to buy a 345 when i hear about how bad rugers kick (jump) that the guns have that are chambered for 45 acp.....is this true?? and o ne more question i kno this is a ruger forum but which is better a ruger 345 .45 acp or a springfield armory XD in .45 acp?
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Recoil is pretty much like beauty, it is all in the eye of the beholder. If one is used to shooting a milder recoiling gun, any .45 ACP can be a mule to that shooter. Likewise if the grip does not suit the shooter or they have poor technique which can be hidden somewhat in a smaller caliber. To set your mind at ease, try to find a range that rents guns and try one if they have it. Otherwise try to test fire somebody else's gun.
I believe the XD-45 is a much better pistol than a Ruger but I may be a little bitty bit biased as I have 4 XDs including one in .45 ACP. My opinion might be different if I had Rugers. Rugers are very dependable pistols at a very reasonable price but they just do not appeal to me visually. It has nothing to do with the functioning of the gun but it is totally appearance. I know many who have them and are very satisfied with the gun. If I were issued one and told that is what I had to carry I would grumble at having to carry an ugly (in my eyes) gun but not feel I had a poor quality gun.
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UD has it nailed.

I'll add when shooting my p90 (admittedly, not the 345) the recoil took a bit to get used to. After changing to a more comfortable grip and spending some time realizing that a 230 gr bullet is not always needed, the recoil became very tolerable in my rig. I'm comfortable with it.

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