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These are all I own! A 44 mag blackhawk, a 45 vaquero long colt, a sp101 357, ruger single six 50th anniversary, and a p90 45acp. love them all.

I;ve had at other times the p95 series in a 40 and a 9, several blackhawks in 357.

Any others out there? give a holla!

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I own a Vaquero 44-40 and have carried a p90 in the field many times. Love them both.
Ruger rifles are not to shabby either. Any gun owner, collector, or enthusiast who doesnt own a 10-22(The King of Plinking) is missing out.

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Yepper ! Luv them Rugers !
I have a dark grey stainless sp101 snubby .357 with a set of crimson trace grips.
1 dark grey stainless 4" barrel GP-100 .357 which I am putting on a set of Williams firesights.
1 -- 3 screw Super Blackhawk with a 7 or 8 inch barrel .44 mag. (extremely smooth action and accurate) blued
1- 1951 MFG. Standard .22
1- 22/45 short barrel .22 which is more accurate that I can shoot.

and a hot-rodded 10/22... :D

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Rugers I own..... let's see.....

2 Red Labels, a 12 and a 20
An original .44 Carbine
A very early 10/22
An original (tang safety) M77 in .30-'06

Oh.... you mean the short ones....

An Old Model (three-screw) Super Single Six Convertible
A New Model Blackhawk .357
A 4" 150 series Security Six
A 3" SP101 .357
A Super Redhawk in .44 Mag (the avatar)

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This post requires an edit once in a while. :oops: I now have:

OM .22 Super Single Six

NM .22 Super Single Six

NM .32 Single Six Bisley

OM .357 Flattop

OM .357 Blackhawk

NM .357 Blackhawk

NM .357 50 Year Flattop

NM .357 50 Year Flattop (being altered to .44 Special)

"Liberty" Model .357 Security Six

NM .44 Super Blackhawk

Bisley Vaquero .45 (somewhat altered)

NM Accusport Bisley .45

.454 Super Redhawk

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:!: CAREFUL on that single-six purchase. I had one in the early 60's and a sweeter .22 never existed. Bought one in the mid 90's... CRAPPOLA! That Ruger :evil: QC is sure a hit or miss deal! A P89 I bought at the same time as the S SIX was also junkola puke!
jmho///olde 8) pharte///

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Super Redhawk .480 ruger
Super Blackhawk .44 mag
Redhawk .44 mag
SP101 .357 mag
MKII .22lr
Bearcat .22lr

Red Label 12 gauge
Red Label 28 gauge
M77 MkII 270win
M77 target 22-250
44 carbine .44 mag
10/22 .22lr
10/22 .22lr

I like my Rugers.

Doug Gordon

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So far:

SP101, .357 w/Crimson Trace grips.
SP101, .22LR.
Blackhawk Convertible, 45/8" barrel, .357/9mm.
Blackhawk Convertible, 6.5" barrel, .357/9mm.
Bisley, .44 mag (scoped).
Bisley, .44 mag (custom sights).
Bisley Vaquero, .44 mag.
Bisley, .22 LR.

I think that's all of them. I'm too lazy to go look in the safe.

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I only have one so far. Hey, I'm just getting started, right?

MKIII .22/45 Target Model
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