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ruger vacqero bisley bolt timing?

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hey all,cant get anybody at Ruger-lines busy,so I will try here.
I have had a Bisley vacquero close to 10yrs now,maybe shot less than 500 rnds thru it the whole time.
Always noticed the bolt falling upon the cylinder way before
the leade for the stop notches.early bolt release timing I think.
contacting about halfway between both notch cutouts.
Is this normal for a Ruger?,or should it be dropping on the
leade like a colt saa?
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That's normal for any Ruger New Model SA, which is the reason they develop cylinder turn rings. Ruger designed it that way
to ensure a good lockup every time.

Some folks with machining skills on RugerForum.com modify their revolvers to avoid the turn ring.
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