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S&W 19

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Looking for an idea of the value of a S&W 19, 2 inch blued, pinned barrel, serial # 80K9XXX, round butt.

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Condition?? Could be anything from $150 to $350
Appears in fine mechanical condition, I see no blemishes on the blueing, stock has what I would consider normal wear & tear- no damage. Overall would rate 90% or better, but I am no expert.

Again thanks for the info
A little wear around the muzzle and on the sharp edges, as well as slight wear on the backstrap would make it a 95% gun.... about $300 if the mechanicals are fine. Check cylinder timing, lockup, and axial play, as well as checking for forcing cone / top strap erosion.
Thanks- all appears well- mechanically speaking and little to no wear at muzzle.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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