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S&W 38 Special help

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From what I can tell I have a Smith & Wesson - Model 36-1 (from what is stamped under the yoke) - Chiefs Special revolver with a 3" barrel. "38 S&W SPECIAL CTG" is stamped on the right side of the barrel. The sights are fixed, and the front has a bright yellow plastic insert. It is a 5-shot cylinder, blued finish, and it is in very good condition. The only real sign of any wear (light wear) is on the left side of the very front of the barrel.

Kind of interesting bit of history behind this pistol - It used to belong to a local police chief in a small town where I grew up. He was drawing this gun one day at the firing range & it went off directly into his lower, right leg. He ended up getting the lower leg amputated & sold the gun very soon after that. My father got a call from the local gun dealer that this gun was up for sale & he immediately picked it up. He gave it to my Mother for Mother's Day quite a few years ago, and my Mom just found it a few months ago while cleaning out her closet & asked me if I wanted it.

Are any other numbers useful to help identify this, or is this enough? I'm looking for the exact model number/name of this pistol & it's approximate value.

Thanks all!
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36-1 is the model. If you should decide to shoot it I would not recomend using +P rounds, the gun was not designed for that.
The value of the gun is determined greatly by the location. Around here, East Texas, I believe it should bring between 225 and 275, depending on condition.
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