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Anyone have any opinions about the S&W 442? Local gunshop has some at a reasonable price. These have the internal lock. Doesn't look like too much trouble to remove.

I'm looking for something light enough to slip in my pocket when messing around on the farm or taking the dog out at night. I bought a Ruger SP-101 for this purpose and soon found it too heavy. It isn't bad in a holster but doesn't carry comfortably in my pocket.

After handling the 442, I'd say the weight is right. Doesn't seem like it would be too heavy loaded with 5 .38s. Trigger felt good and the sights weren't bad.

We currently don't have CCW here in Illinois. This may change in the next couple of years. Would the .38 be at much disadvantage to the .357 in a CCW role?

Anyone who owns a 442 care to offer any insight?
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