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S&W 686-.357

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I have heard that if you shoot a 686 .357 alot you will get flame cutting on the top strap that can be prevented by a replaceable piece of shim stock fitted around the topstrap at the forceing cone. Im not new to guns but a rookie at pistols could someone explain this to me pictures maybe or a website that explains it would be helpful as I just bought one thx Jim
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Sorry, but someone has been giving you false information. There are no such problems with the 686. Enjoy your fine gun and don't worry about a thing.
Your source may have confused the 686 with Smith's K-framed .357 models like the 19 and 66.
Re: re: S&W 686-.357

TexNekkid said:
Your source may have confused the 686 with Smith's K-framed .357 models like the 19 and 66.
Yup.... and with the K-Frames, it was only the really hot loads that caused the problem.... and flame-cutting on the top strap wasn't the big deal, as it will quit after reaching about .010" deep. The larger problem was developing excessive end shake, allowing it to unlock during recoil.

I shoot the equivalent of a .38 Spl +P load in my 19's, and have no problems after several thousand rounds.
Shooting a lot full house .357 loads will cause flame cutting. Your 686 will stand a lot though. Most folks use .38 spl for practice and if you shoot a lot. The hot loads, for defense or hunting, are good for carry reasons.

Next time your in a gun store ask to see the newer small frame .357. I don't recall the model number. It's the dark colored small frame .357. It has a steel insert just above the forcing cone to prevent damage to the alloy frame. That's probably what you heard about.
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