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Hello - An old hunting buddy has lost his vision and asked for help selling his hardware. I'm tring to learn what I can about one of his handguns; a very clean old S&W .22lr revolver. I believe it is a .22/32 Heavy Frame Target or possibly a Bekeart Model. It it matches the description and looks exactly like the photo of the Bekeart Model at the bottom of pg. 85 of Supica & Nahas 2nd edition "S&W bible", including the grip checkered panel design, however there are no S&W medallions.

This revolver is all original and has a SN 391XXX on the front grip strap and on the back of the non-recessed chamber cylinder. There is also a number 104XX stamped inside the crane and on the frame on the crane contact surface. I believe the year of manufacture is about 1931. If anybody can clarify year of manufacture and which model it is, I would appreciate it.

It is in what I would consider collectible quality condition as it has apparently been shot very little and has only a few and very minor handling marks with no grip cracks, dings or scratches. The original bluing is bright and not thinned at all anywhere except just a bit on either side of the muzzle, however the cylinder has been turned as shown by the typical scuff marks from the cylinder stop. The rifling is sharp, the bore and chambers are bright, clean and not pitted. What would be the current selling value of this revolver? Also, if anyone has any ideas on how best to sell this fine old revolver, please let me know. Your replies are appreciated - Thank you.
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