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I am currently selling a Smith and Wesson M1917 commemorative revolver on GunBroker.com. It is in mint condition and below are some of the key features...<br>

-Blued Smith and Wesson Revolver
-Selective etched engraving and 24 kt. Gold plating
-Engraving includes class crest, a sequence number, class motto, “Class of 2007” and “United States Military Academy”
-WP’07 ambigram on the cylinder (looks the same right side up and up side down)
-DUTY HONOR COUNTRY with star spacers down the backstrap
-This pistol is no longer manufactured, this pistol was specifically made for the project
-This pistol shoots the .45 ACP. This is because during World War I manufacturers could not produce enough 1911s (the modern version of the 1911 is the 1991) for the Military. In order to solve this problem the government tasked Smith and Wesson to manufacture a revolver that could shoot the same ammo as the 1911. The result was the 1917. Because the .45 ACP does not have a lip like other revolver ammo, the 1917 uses either half-moon or full-moon clips to load the revolver.
For more detailed information and pictures you can go to http://usmaclassof2007pistol.shutterfly.com/ or go to the auction site at http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewIt ... =114037544<br><br>I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.
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