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S&W Model 686 Stainless

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I'm going to have a broker sell it for me and I would like to know what to ask for it. It's only been shot with low pressure wadcutters and is in 98% condition. It has a 8.375" barrel and comes with in addition to the standard grips, Hogue rosewood grips. I also have a B-Square scope mount and Uncle Mikes holster and belt.

Thanks :D
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is it a six or seven shot?
Heck I might be interested in it.

Shoot me a PM.

I think my grandpa gave $250 for his 586, but it was also before I was born (about 20 years ago), lol.

Check the Website and see how much they go for new...it'd suprise you. I didn't think they'd be worth more than $550-600, but I was sure in shock when I saw the new prices.

In my neck of the woods, late model prelocks are selling for about the same price as a similar new model. There are deals to be had but most 686's I see range from $400 to $550 depending on model.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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