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S&W SW99 4" bbl w/decocker

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I might have the option to purchase one of these. I'd be interested in hearing anything that anyone can tell me about it.
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I have two friends that have this gun in .40 and swear by it. I have fired several rounds through it and don't think I'd be comfortable with the grip. Pick one up and see how it fits... but the two I'm familiar with have proven very reliable. :wink:
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Hey, thanks for the pic. I've been looking for a nice close-up and haven't been able to find one. I've heard a couple people say the grip is kind of funny, but since this will be my first handgun, I've got no real experience as to what a "normal" grip is.
Just make sure it feels comfortable, that's all. :wink:

There's some pictures of the gun I'll be getting. There's some white stuff near the barrel on the frame. I'd like to figure out a way to get rid of that. Maybe I'll try to find some paint or something. I donno yet.

And Paul, Does your friend use mag loaders when he's loading the magazines? If so, what kind?
These were actually made by Walther and sold under theirs and S&W's name. I bought 4 of them when a police department switched from them to another model. I shot them some but sold them as it was fiscally irresponsible not to. They shot OK, but were not near the gun the 1911 I was carying at the time. I bought mine for $250 each which was the trade in value for the department. Used prices seem to run in the low to mid $300 range retail.
Thanks for the info uglydog. I would dare say that nothing shoots as well as your 1911, but I hope it will be a good first handgun.
I actually know of nobody who uses mag loaders, personally. :? I can't say anything bad or good about them.
I used the XD gear mag loader last weekend when I was out shooting. My thumb didn't feel as sore after a day of loading the mags with the loader. Maybe I'll either look into the mantis or the HKS mag loader. Probably whatever I can find cheaper.
My wife has one of these in 45acp. Personally I don't care for it. I just can't make myself get accustomed to the trigger.
She on the other hand likes it and shoots it very well. I reckon that's why its hers !

Just an update. I went ahead and purchased this pistol. I'm going to pick it up on Sunday. I won't have a chance to fire it for a while, but I'll post a report once I do.
More good news. I should be able to put in a couple hours of range time on Thursday. I can't wait.
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