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Scoped-out Ruger

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Hi Guys, my first post on this site...

I just bought a Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk 7.5" barrel, .44 Mag. I put a Nikon 4x handgun scope on it but I'm having problems with eye relief, I can't seem to get a fast acquisition when trying to sight in a target. I've tried holding it at different lengths but no success, it takes an eternity for me to finally get it focused. Should I sell the sight and try a different set-up, maybe a Holosight? This is my 5th handgun, but my first "hunting" handgun as well as my first scoped handgun, am I doing something wrong? Thanks...
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When I first tried a scoped handgun, I found what I thought was an eye relief problem was actually a FOV/magnification problem. Most often it is poor technique that prevents a quick sight acquisition but in your case I would guess a good case could be made for too much magnification also. My hunting handguns mostly have 2x scopes or at least a 2-6x variable. Even at 2x there is not much field of view compared to a rifle scope. It also helps to keep both eyes open when finding game in the scope, the off eye will help align the scope to the target. Lastly, hold is critical and it takes some practice to get the muscle memory to do this quickly every time. I have even seen this while using red dots so it is not totally a magnification issue. Most handgun scopes allow for a 9"-18" length so unless your arms are extremely short or rather long the length should not be a determining factor. If you can, try a scope with less magnification and see if that will help. A BSA pistol scope can be found for roughly $50 which you could play with to see if that helps. I wouldn't expect the scope to hold up to the .44 recoil very long but at least it will give a idea if it is the magnification or you.
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don't knock the bsa, I have one ruger super redhawk and its withstood over 400 rnds of hot 44 mag load.
Thanks for the tips guys...Happy Holidays!
I went to Millet reddots on my handguns that are scoped. Target aquision is faster than the open sights because of the single sighting plane. I have a Ruger SBH Hunter from the first batch they made(around 94-95) I put a millet on it 10 yrs ago and have never needed to resight it. I just put a new battery in in Sept and it's good to go.

I'm sorry but BSA's are the worst scopes I've ever been stuck with. I had four of them and they were all POS!. I gave away two of them and threw the other two in the trash. Pure junk!!
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