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Public Service Announcement

Target Sports Marketing is accepting proposals to purchase factory new 9mm ammunition. Deadline for submissions is 12:00pm CST on May 24th. A client has decided to exit a line of business and now must sell off remaining factory new ammunition used for precision product testing.

Manufacturer: Atlanta Arms
Caliber: 9MM
Type: Full Metal Jacket
Weight: 115 Grains
Purpose: Made specifically for the US Army Marksmanship unit in competitions with the M9 service pistol (Beretta 92FS).
Quantity: 2,000 rounds in 50 round boxes.

Preference will be given to proposals to purchase the entire stock that include cost of freight with ship-to addresses in the United States. Post Office Box deliveries not acceptable. Payment must be by money order, cashiers check, or visa/master card. No returns. Payment must be received prior to shipment. Submit proposals via email at [email protected]

Target Sports Marketing (TSM) is an independent business consultancy & service partner focused on delivering results across the shooting industry value chain. Copyright (c) 2009 http://targetsportsmarketing.com All Rights Reserved.
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