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Shoulder Surgery and Shooting?

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I'm currently 17 years old and about three months ago had arthroscopic shoulder surgery. Currently I have almost full range of motion and have begun weight training. This Friday I was invited to go pistol shooting at the police range. Does anyone think that I'll be able to go no problem?
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Did the doc tell you to resume normal activities? If he/she did, I'd go for it. I'd at least try it. Especially a pistol ... where unlike a rifle or shotgun the recoil isn't right into the surgical area. I'd go with a lighter caliber first to see if it caused any sort of pain in the shoulder. But then I'm no doc and its just my opinion which is worth about what you paid for it :wink:
I agree with Captn66.... check with the sawbones to be sure. If you're already doing weights, I'd say you're good to go.

I had rotator cuff repair about 5 years ago, and was back to shooting Sporting Clays and IPSC in 4 months.
Thanks guys for the responses. I feel a lot more comfortable now. Now this is my first time shooting a gun, so what would exactly define a lighter caliber? I'll be shooting pistols used by the police if that helps at all.
Re: re: Shoulder Surgery and Shooting?

Anonymous said:
....... I'll be shooting pistols used by the police if that helps at all.
Except for Dirty Harry and his big, bad .44 Mag, the "police" calibers would best be described as "moderate".

"Light" calibers would be the .22 rimfire (better get one.... EVERYBODY needs one), the .25 ACP, .32 ACP, .380 Auto (9mm kurtz), and .38 Special.

Shooting the cop calibers like 9x19, .40 S&W and .45 ACP should present no problems.... they're really pussycats.
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