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Sig Question

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I know this is really a dumb question, but ya please just answer. I'm looking to get a sig 229 for my first pistol and was looking over images of the gun online. I'm not sure where the safety is. Its the lever right above the grip correct?

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Sig double action pistols don't have safety levers.

If you look at the left side of a Sig you will see a decocking lever and a slide stop/release lever.

If it is a double action only Sig, you will only see the slide stop/release lever.
Some double action guns have manual safeties, but on the Sigs, the 9 pound double action trigger pull IS the safety. Much like why the Glocks don't have a safety, one has to be quite intent on pulling the trigger to make it go off.

Good luck. 229's are great guns.

I have an older P229 that's a SA/DA.

The SAFETY is in the trigger, same idea as Glock but, in my opinioin, a better engineered solution of course I am biased.

The first 1/8" or so of the trigger pull "completes" the firing pin assembly internally. So in essence finger-off = safety-on .... the safety is "off" ONLY when your finger is on the trigger.

In theory (I only say this becuase I have not personally tested this) the gun could be cocked with one in the pipe and you could drop it on the ground and it CANNOT fire.
I'm seriously thinking about the HK usp pistol since it has a very americanized thumb safety like a 1911, but push it down past horizontal and it decocks to double action safe.

I was also gonna rent a sig one more time and have a shoot off to make sure I really want the HK.
I'm primarily a 1911 fan - but the lack of a safety on the Sig 229 doesn't really worry me. In fact as a carry weapon - I like the sig decocking system vs carrying a 1911 cocked and locked. I especially like the 229SAS or the 229R.

The new 220R SAO - has an ambidextrous safety on it ( single action only ) and it's a nice gun as well. It looks to me like Sig is doing a little bit of everything now - and more 1911's in their product line as well. I think SIG makes a nice gun.
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