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Sig X-Five

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is available in a 9mm and .40 S&W - anybody own one or know if they might consider bringing it out in a .45 ACP in a double stack ?

I like the .40 in a double stack clip of 14 rounds.
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I have it in 9mm and it is an awesome pistol. Wonderful trigger, 19 round magazines, great grip and amazingly accurate. It is a bit big for carry. I would need a hip replacement if I wore it for very long so I'm looking for the P226 to be offered in a SAO version.
Only shot fifteen rounds...but instant gun lust. Absurdly easy to shoot...like a .22 (shot the 9mm). Muzzle-heavy + great sights + long sight radius, I think.

The P220 comes in an SAO version. No magwell or beefed-up dustcover. No 5.5" barrel, either, but the P220 is absurdly accurate to begin with. It's definitely a 220, though - oriented for the serious market (not to say the X-Five isn't serious, it's just aimed at the IPSC crowd, not combat/defensive use).

My only concern with the SAO SIGs is the positioning of the safety lever - it seems to interfere with proper manipulation of the slide stop. It's probably a "training issue" but it's definitely a different can of worms from the standard SIGs.

Edit: whee, thread necromancy.
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