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Sigs stamped slides and +p ammo-need answers

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I would sure appreciate an answer from some of you sig owners out there. I recently bought a west germany made sig 226(9mm) in excellent condition. Of course the slide is made from a stamping rather than milled. Is it ok to shoot +p ammo in this gun. I have a Ruger p94 and glock 19 and they are rated for +p's. I believe the 9mm is effective for defense only with +p ammo. I shoot target of course with standard velocity.
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The slides have never been the problem with Sig pistols.

The weak link is the alloy frame's rails

I have seen several 226's with cracked rails.

Each had in excess of 30,000 rounds put thru it.

Winchester 147 grain subsonics and Federal 147 gr Hydroshocks.

The Sig will handle the +p's, but they will accelerate wear.
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