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Slide Glide gun lube

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Has anyone tried Slide Glide to lube a handgun? I'm looking for a somewhat long term lube that won't run out of the gun during storage/carry/transportation or whatever happens between shooting and this stuff sounds like a good choice. Any comments?

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I have the 1911 Gun Digest Book and they recommend Slide Glide as one of the best if not the best lubricant for guns. It's suppose to last long after many uses and stay cleaner than other lubricants.
Is it avialable at local merchants or just mail order?
I have several handfulls of firearms that I don't shoot often and would like a protectant to keep them rust free. I know, I know, I should clean my unhandled guns on an annual basis...but i am a little to busy and kind of lazy. What version of the Slide Glide would quench my appetite(light, standard or heavy velocity)?
El Padrino,
For long term protection of store metal objects, I feel Brichwood-Casey's Sheath is a good product, better than most as it was designed for this purpose. It comes in both disposable wipes and in a can of which I have both. One wipe is easily good for a couple of long guns and mine are in small, convenient packages. Depending on storage conditions and handling, I would expect this product to last several years on a firearm. At least that is how long some of my guns have been sitting in the safe between handling.
For slide lubrication I have been happy with BreakFree CLP. I use a Q-Tip to apply it to the rails and slide which prevents an over accumulation of oil from occurring. I am leary of other products as my experiences with BreakFree have been so positive in all weather conditions. I have had experiences in the past with some highly touted products not working as well as claimed when exposed to weather extremes, especially the cold. Many products are developed with the competitive shooter in mind who often shoots in rather decent conditions. Whatever is decided on, one should experiment with it a fair amount in the conditions likely to be seen before trusting it comepletely.
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Thanks uglydog.
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