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I have a S&W 29-2, 6 1/2" barrel. When cleaning the gun I've noticed the chamber ends of the cylinder have burn or blast rings approx. half way around the front of each charge hole at the front of the cylinder. The burn rings are etched permanently into the metal of the cylinder front. The cylinder to forcing cone gap is a tight 6 thou. The burn rings are very close to the edge of each charge hole and are at the top of the charge hole when timed to fire. (12 o'oclock)

There's hardly anything for a blast line on the top strap underside, but these burn rings have burnt into the metal like a blast line does. One thing I did notice with this 29-2 that's different from my other S&W revolvers is the entrance to the forcing cone is slightly bevelled like a countersunk hole for a tapered screw. These blast rings seem to line up with the chamfer on the forcing cone entrance.

What's bothersome is the revolver is like new; excellent condition(99%). I bought the gun used and it may have been like that when I bought and never noticed it until I gave it a thorough cleaning.

Has anyone any knowledge on this they care to share?

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