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Springfield 1911

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In the past I've owned two Kimber Custom II pistols. The first I really loved but had to sell.(long story). The second one was to replace the first, but it had the external extractor(which I hated), got rid of the gun.....now the dilema, I think I want a Springfield Mil-spec 1911 (PB9108L). I want a reliable weapon but without all the bells and whisles. I dont need amdbidex safety,flared mag well, etc. I want lowered and flared ejection port, one piece guide rod and blued or parkerized finish. I need a pistol that shoots ball at the range, but has to be reliable with jacketed hollow points for self defense. Is the mil spec what I want? Thanks in advance. 8)
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The only thing I dont like about that guns is the sights. They are small and leave too wide a gap for error. Other than that I think you fit your needs.
I have had one of the Springfield service models (stainless)
for several years. I have not had any problems with it,
other than the trigger being heavy. The initial sighting in
is a bit cumbersome, having to move the fixed sight in its
dovetail slot, but that was a one time thing and it has
worked well since. I don't mind the small sights at all.
I also have crimson trace grips on it. I did get a trigger
job on it after a few years and it shoots pretty well now.
I had to polish the ramp to get my stainless to feed Golden Sabers. Other than that no problems.
Dueeast, my Kimber was the last model year before they went to external extractors. What is it about the external that you didn't like?
TMats said:
Dueeast, my Kimber was the last model year before they went to external extractors. What is it about the external that you didn't like?
Simple, it doesn't work!
I have some buddies that shoot Springfield 1911's - and they all seem reliable and shoot well. In general, I think the Springfield is a good "mid-range" gun - not a custom gun - but even guns out of the Kimber custom shop - like the gold combat stainless - are still really production guns in my opiniion. I think the Springfield is a decent alternative to a Kimber and a pretty good gun for the money.

I think Wilson Combat, Les Baer etc are a significant leap upward in terms of quality - and what I would consider more of a custom gun.
I brought my daughter (who is also a Deputy Sheriff) a Springfield Custom Loaded. I would not be afraid to put it up against my Kimber. The Weapon has all the bells and whistles the Kimber has, except for the LaserMax,for about half the price.

Darn fine weapon and I would not be afraid to stake my life, or my daughters life on them in a gun fight.
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