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Springfield Service!

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So, I called Springfield and told them I was ordering a new trigger and hammer from them for one of the MilSpecs. Guy on the phone from their Custom Shop was really helpful. He explained all to me in such a way as I knew I could do it... if I ever found the time. I went on to explain that I have virtually no free time due to my schedule and my wife's who is a Manager of the OR's at our Oakwood Hospital. I also explained that this was to be my new carry piece.

He said to send my order for the trigger and hammer to him (gave me his name) and to include the lower half of my gun when I did. He said he would install them for me. I asked how much they charged and he said NOTHING!

Got it back, yesterday. No extra charge. It looks, feels and acts beautifully. :D :D

I swear... I'll never buy another .45 from anyone else.
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Now that is service! Springfield seems to have a corporate culture centered around the consumer. This is definately a company worthy of our support.
You know Paul I have read many, many favorable comments about SA in this forum to the point where I would seriously consider one, but I have to relate a story to you.

There's a guy I shoot IDPA with who had a Springfield 1911. He had an extractor problem with it and ended up sending it back to SA--twice. When he got it back and the problem was still there he called them again to talk about it and the next step in solving the problem.

During the course of the conversation the Springfield rep. asked my friend where he lived. When he answered Colorado, the guy determined that the problem was related "the altitude." :shock:

Frankly, his story has probably affected lots of us who shoot together and oddly enough, I can't think of another guy shooting an SA now. My friend immediately traded in his and has an STI and ... trying to think of the new one in 38 Super... I think a Les Baer.

He probably should have called or written someone (like the SA president) about the situation, but I can't blame him. He had already sent it in twice and when he got that stupid answer he had enough. Word of mouth is the best advertisement--and also the worst if it's negative.
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It's too bad that all gun companies don't provide service of that magnitude. Business practices have gone down hill over the years :( All companies, not just gun companies need to follow this fantastic example of who to treat customers right!
TMats, I have heard other such stories, as well. Believe me... if someone had told me my problem was "altitude based... all hell would have broken loose. :wink:
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