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Just saw your post. A little late for a reply, but here is some info.

http://star-firearms.com/firearms/guns/ ... ndex.shtml

I have the same model. Good shooter, but big and heavy. It has been very reliable though. Good luck looking for info as you won't find much out there. Most gun shops haven't even seen or heard of the Megastars. I bought mine brand new and it didn't even have a manual, so if you find one, let me know.

Edited 8-21-2006
I realized that I didn't answer your question. To field strip, first grow a third hand because you'll need it :). Rack the slide back to the lock position and then ease it forward a bit. You'll find a "sweet spot" where you can push in the takedown pin located above the front of the trigger guard. While holding the slide in that position you'll have to find something to push the pin far enough in that you can pull it out from the other side (told you you'd need that hand!). After removal of the pin, move the slide forward and remove it from the frame. After that, remove the recoil spring, then lift the barrel out of the slide. Simple.
Reassembly is the reverse, but there are 2 levers on the hammer/safety mechanism that you will have to push down before the slide can be racked back into place. Find the sweet spot and push the retaining pin back into place. You'll have to rotate the pin to get it to line up correctly and make sure it is pushed all the way in. Then you're done. Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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