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good gun I have 4 of them 2 M9 and 2 M40. accurate.

limited accessories. parts are availible from steyrarms.com
steyrarms has 2 locations one in Georgia and the other in Mississippi. they have recently setup. parts availibility is better than 2 years ago. company had other people do import and warranty and had issues to top it off BMW kicked them out of a building and at that time Steyr in Austria was suffering some flooding.

www.steyrclub.com where steyr owners hang out.
$400 is good price on the newer MA1 series wouldnt go over $450. bluebook is some $550 for MA1 series original M is $600. liquidation occured when the 2 former importers quit could find M and S series for $300-$350 those days are coming to a end if you can find one under $375 it may be worth it. warranty service has been very accomidating some people with old M or S series which are out of warranty date getting replaced with new MA1 series.

original M and S series discontinued but MA1 uses same parts except polymer frame. new SA1 coming out soon. S series go closer to blue book than anything else $400-$500.

fully supported chambers. lower bore axis than pretty much any other gun. no metal pins through the polymer no pin punch to take the polymer/metal frame apart. replaceable frame rails. easy to clean.

disassembly guide with pictures

it would be nice if they made GB magazines still. hard to find and expensive when found.
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