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super redhawk question?

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How does one go about changing the barrel? I've got the 9 1/2" and would like to shorten it to 7 1/2". Also what does a new barrel cost? Thanks.
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According to Ruger's site you can buy a barrel for as little as $120.00. They unscrew and would need the cylinder gap set when reinstalling. I'd let a gunsmith do this one. While you are at it, have the forcing cone redone and maybe the barrel recrowned. Heck, with that much barrel ,just take it to a gunsmith and tell him what you want done. It might not be much more than buying another barrel.

I forgot to add that removing and replacing the front sight would be done if you had yours cut off. You could get a different style or reuse the original.

Thanks HWD. I've been trying to decide whether to cut it or replace it? I bought it used, and it is about 8 years old. So maybe a new barrel will be just what the doctor ordered? But then it doesn't really look like it was used a lot.... So anyway if i re-use the original sight, how do I remove it? How does it attach to the barrel? Is it pinned on there somehow, or soldered on?
I'm not sure on the Redhawk,but on the Blackhawk, the frt sight is soldered on if the barrel is blued and is pinned on if it's stainless.

Well the smith said he thought that the sights were different on the 7 1/2" vs. 9 1/2" barrels. So cutting it and relocating the sight might not be the way to go as I'd need to buy the right sight for the shorter barrel. Doesn't make sense to me but that's what he said. I'm going to contact ruger next and see what gives. :?
Hey HWD, I'm back on this little project after a detour. I've talked with a few different smiths and they all gave me the idea that I shouldn't listen to a damn thing they say. Can you tell me which direction the threads go on the barrel?
standard right hand threads, it will be pretty tight. It is not as simple as unscrewing one barrel and screwing in another. be careful, if you do not have the proper tools you may bend the frame.

removed (Do your self a favor and take it to a smith.)
sound like a smart ass..sorry :oops:
Thanks banshee. :) I finally got with a real gunsmith today and discussed it. He's going to help me through the process as I have access to a pretty decent machine shop. If I do proceed, I'm going to drill and tap the old sight base back on. No heat. .......But before I go ahead, I'm going to shop around for a custom barrel maker as that still might be the better way to go. Anyone know of one close to milwaukee, chicago, or in S.E. Minnesota? Thanks.........BTW I've changed my mind on having ruger change it out to a 7 1/2" barrel as I want it shorter. I'm shooting for 4" but no longer than 5 1/2". 4" is the legal minimum length here in Wi for hunting. Sure would be nice if Ruger would just offer a few more options in this dept. :roll:
sounds good then, besure to keep us updated and make a few before and after pictures. 8)
I'm not real familiar with barrel makers in that area but two I would suggest contacting would be Ahlman's gun shop in Morristown, MN. It is only 10 miles or so west-northwest from the Owatonna Cabela's store. another you might try would be Odenthal's Guns just south of Minneapolis, MN. Bob does mostly rifle and shotgun work but if you are looking at cutting down a barrel he might be a good choice or at least resource. He has done good and quick work for me in the past. that is as close as I can get to S.E. MN, I don't get down that way for much more than hunting.
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