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T/C Encore Pistol Questions

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I noticed when firing my 44mag the fired brass has a blow-by mark-is this normal? Lastly,where can I get an exctractor for this barrel? Thanx guys for your time and help.Slugnut
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I get blow-by marks on my 44 Encore also. Must be a normal occurence. I'm not getting any gases coming out around the breech face so I call it normal.
Are ya talking about an Ejector? The Encore has an extractor which only rasies the shell for removal. I've not ever seen an Ejector for one though. You may contact TC and see if it's available.

How's your Encore shoot?

HWD,thank you and thank you !!
Is the blowby happening with factory loads or handloads? What powder? I get little or no blowby with heavy factory loads nor with heavily crimped handloads near max. with Blue Dot or 2400.
If the blowby is from handloaded rounds, try a heavier crimp. If you've already crimped hard, then you might try changing powders.
Not a .44, but when I was loading 45-70 rounds for my Contender, I would get severe blackening with H322. I changed powders and the blowby stopped - went to RL7 and IMR 4198.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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