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Talk To Me About Kahr

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Please give me any feedback you might have. My local guy is going to start selling them and he had an all-steel .45 that felt comfortable and will be getting in others. I know nothing about them. :oops:


p.s. If anyone knows anything about the NAA autos... I'd like to know about them, as well. :wink:
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Pricey but very good quality guns. I have fired the sub-compact 9mm and 40 cal models a bit. They are not any different than most other sub-compacts as far as I can tell. They are Kel-Tecs main rival in this field.
I have talked to several owners and they have no complaints :wink:
Too heavy in my opinion.
I have only fired the compact in 9mm. It had the polymer frame, and was way to poppy for my taste. Having said that, I like my guns to be range shootable, and I have big hands. was just hard to get a quick follow shot up for me. I have looked at the tactical a couple of times, but wouldn't buy one without shooting it first... The metal frame guns appear to be very well machined and finished.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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