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I am considering purchasing a 1911ALR from Taurus. It's a 2-tone with a rail. I noticed it weighs 33.6 oz, which is lighter than some of their other models, most of which weigh 38 oz, and some of the other brands are about 40 oz.
I guess what I am asking is, since from a design standpoint they are all very similar, is Taurus just using different alloy to manufacture theirs? Or, in particular, is the frame on this model different from their other models?
Does anyone have experience with this particular model, and if so, does 4-5 ounces make a noticeable difference in firing the gun (recoil, etc)?
I have read and heard so many mixed reviews on the Taurus line, I am not 100% sold on them yet.... They seem to be quite good, but the tagline is always "for the money", which leads me to believe I may be better off spending a bit more on a Kimber of S&W.
Any comments are appreciated!
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