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Taurus 605

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So I just pitcked up my new Taurus 605 today. Installed a set of Crimson Trace laser grips. The laser needed a bit of adjusting to get to the point of impact. But now it pretty much hits where the dot is at 7-15 yards.

The Taurus's fit and finish look excellent and bluing is a very deap black. Trigger in single action is great, double action is ok at best hopefully it will smooth out with some more use. I Put about 70 rounds of 38s threw it and 10 357mags "man is it snappy with the 357s in it" but the 38's were joy. The factory front site is all but useless the all black sites just kind of dissapear. The CTC grips are great & make up for that plus add that little dot of fear. I was even able to put 4 out of 5 rounds touching each other within a inch of bullseye at 7 yards (I am not a super pistol shot) but for a 2 in revolver that will do for me. All in all I think it will be a excellent little pistol.
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Re: re: Taurus 605

godfreek said:
I too have just purchased a 605 SS snub.
It is my first revolver with a 2" bbl.
I went to shoot it 2 days ago.
My freakin hand is still sore. No, i'm not a sissy.
I shot magtech .357 158gr JSP
It is definetly a Hand Cannon.
It shoots great though. I kept it in a 6" circle at 7 yards double action, even better single action.
Only shot 30 rounds. It was all i cared to take.
I know i will only shoot .38's at the range from now on.
I carry .357 Federal hydroshocks in it though.
It is not too heavy in the front pocket either.
I can't wait to go shoot it again at further distance now that i am comfortable with it.
Let us know your experience with your 605 or any snub .357

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I had a 3" barrel Mdl 605. It was pure joy with any 38 Special Load, with 357's however it was PURE AGONY to shoot. I soon swapped it for a 617SS & never looked back.
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