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Taurus 650 CIA

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I am looking at the Taurus M650 CIA as a CCW. What kind of opinions on it ? What SD round also is good for this piece. Thanks
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I have one and it's ok but is on the heavy side for a cc gun. I'd look into a lighter .38 The .357 is not fun to shoot out of this gun but if you don't hit him hes gonna drop dead of a heart attack when it goes off. :D
I own the 651 (the shrouded-hammer version of the 650) and it IS a little bit heavy. Not a big deal, though. I carry it daily (usually in an ankle holster.)

.357s DO kick more than .38s, but it's not that big a deal. Of course, I'm not a particularly small fellow, but I don't think the recoil will be unmanageable for most folks.

I carry Speer Gold Dot JHP cartridges in it for SD. You might try the Short Barrel Gold Dots, too. (My range was out of 'em last time I went.) They're designed for short-barrel guns like the 650.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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