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Taurus Millennium Pro 145

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I know you can help me with this. I have done a lot of looking and I am thinking about getting this weapon to carry. It only is 6 and 1/8th inches and I am a small person. Any feedback would help before I buy. Thanks
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Mine was a piece of junk. Had to send it back to Taurus three times in order to get it to shoot right. ($25 a trip) Never trusted it. Sold it at a loss to someone who wanted it anyway. I'll never buy a Taurus again.
I have pt111 and i've never had an issue with it. It's a great small 9mm. for .45 I went with xd45, but that was for other issues. I've not had a problem with taurus and I now own 3 revolvers and the pt111.
I don't like many things about that gun. I had one for about a month until I had constant jamming problems. Also, the trigger pull has a ton of creep and just doesn't feel good. The six shot clip also was annoying.

I traded it in and ended up getting a Glock 30 in .45ACP

It's a little more husky, but the construction is better and feels a lot more comfortable.
Here's my two cents.

I own the pt 145 pro. I have had it for about six months. I bought it for use as my primary ccw. I bought if for several reasons. Size, caliber, quality, magazine size, and price. You'll here mixed reviews about this gun, but what gun doesn't have mixed reviews?

floridajohn is wrong about the magazine size, its 10+1. This is the smallest gun that carries that many rounds in .45 acp. I am not a big guy either, 5'8" 160lbs. and it conceals just fine. I have never had a jam or malfunction personally with this pistol. It did jam on a friend of mine, but he apparently didn't know how to shoot because he was a victim of "slide bite." I think the biting into the flesh of his hand caused it to jam.

Also, the kick doesn't bother me, it takes some getting use to. If your overly recoil sensitive I wouldn't recommend this pistol.

I personally like mine alot. Send me a PM if you have any more questions!

My next pistol is going to be a Kahr mk40. Even smaller, still high caliber only it'll be 5+1.
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