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the new guy...

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hey all,

i wanted to introduce myself, i'm robert and from miami florida. ive been part of sgw for some time now and i thought it would be time to help pistolworld grow.

thanks for reading,
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Welcome aboard, Robert. Good to have you here. Jump in - the water's fine!!! :D
Welcome Robert!!!

We are always glad to see more new members!!!!

Hey Robert give us some details What do you shoot? Are you a reloader,etc.
no reloading for me...

i have a sig 229 stainless... great gun with low maintenance.
i'd like to go shopping soon though; for a .38 or .45, any suggestions?

Welcome - and sure we all have suggestions.

For a .38 I'd probably recommend one of the .357 revolvers from Smith & Wesson ( shoot .38's or .357 mag in it ). I like the older Smith revolvers - model 27 in a 6" barrel is one of my favorite guns.

For a .45, I really like the Wilson Combat - close quarters battle - it's a very nice gun ( no trigger job required ) and its a gun I shoot a lot. If you find a good used Les Baer in a shop take a good close look at that too - his guns are first rate as well.

Kind of depends on what type of budget you have - I'm also a big Sig fan ( 226 X Five and others ).
Welcome. :D

One thing to consider is that .38 is more affordable to shoot than .45. I'd recommend an older S&W from before the internal lock. They just don't look right with that thing on the side. I can recommend a place to look for used S&Ws if you're interested.
anything will help

thanks again,
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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