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The New M&P

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Has anybody shot the new S&W M&P?
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I haven't shot it but I'm researching it for possible purchase. What's a magazine disconnect and why is it optional for LEOs but not the rest of us? Is this a bad thing to have?
A magazine disconnect is a feature that will not allow the pistol to fire if the magazine has been removed. Some call it a "safety" feature.

Many law enforcment agencies do not want a pistol with this feature. Their thinking is that they want the pistol to fire no matter what. In certain senarios, let's say an officer is fighting to keep his weapon from being taken away and during the struggle for the weapon, the magazine release gets pushed and the mag falls to the ground, but there is still a round in the chamber. Some departments want the officer to still be able to shoot that one shot.

Other departments are exactly the opposite. They want the magazine disconnect, just in case in the above senario, if the officer thinks he/she is about to lose the pistol, they can drop the magazine and the bad guy can't use the pistol against them.

Civilian models will have the magazine disconnect because of law suits mainly.
Can it be disabled? I don't want a new car for the same reason this "safety" turns me off to this gun. Too many useless features. :roll: Otherwise I would seriously consider getting one.

Also, I don't see the MSRP on S&W's site. Anyone know what it retails for?
Yes, it can be disabled. That will also disable any warranty that comes with the pistol.
This is by no means something new. The S&W MDl 39 had it, I believe from the begining. The OTHER side of this coin, and this has happened, a BG 'DOES'! get the gun, but KNOWING it has a disconnect, the officer has had time to push it. The BG tries to shoot the LEO, but the gun will not fire. This feature has saved more lives, than the other way around. As I said, just the other side of the coin. Also, if you dare, the gun can be kept with a round in the chamber, needing only the magazine in your pocket to fire. :wink:
Tusker said:
This feature has saved more lives, than the other way around.
Proof please.
I have a few friends that swear by there glocks and are now going to the m&p and say it will surpass the glock popularity across the board.

I have not shot one but the range by me has one for rent so I will this weekend.


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It looks like this thread died well over a year ago and left the questions about the M&P pistols unanswered.

I own a M&P40 .40S&W. It is the most comfortable gun to hold and shoot I have experienced. It comes with three removable backstraps, small, medium and large that can be changed out in a matter of seconds. The benifit is it let's the gun fit perfectly in your hand no matter how big or small your hand is.

The M&P sits low in your hand, helping lessen recoil.

On some of the earlier build models there was an issue with the magazine dropping out on it's own while shooting it. The cause is a poorly designed mag release catch. S&W is fixing the problem with new catches. They send you the part so you can change it yourself in a matter of minutes.

All in all, it's a fine pistol. It doesn't have the solid built feeling that my Sig does, but then the Sig cost several hundred dollars more than the M&P....

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Best Pistol I've ever shot PERIOD! I have a .40 M&P and plan on purchasing a .9mm and .45 as well. The feel is great and with the 3 different grip sizes you'll never complain about the gun not "fitting". I've only had one or two jams and those were user error I'm sure after about 1000 rds. WHAT A GUN!
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