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The New Standard For Glock Laser Sights

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Crimson Trace introduces G-Series Lasergrips, the newest and most innovative laser sighting system for Glock pistols. The world's only grip-integrated laser sights, the G-Series offers the same high-performance features and superior quality Crimson Trace customers have come to expect for over ten years.

Instinctive Activation: A rear-located, pressure-sensitive switch activates the laser when the firearm is held in a normal firing grip.


Easy Installation: Simply slide the one-piece unit onto the frame, pin it in place, and it's ready to go. No need to replace critical internal components.

Fully Adjustable: Easily adjusts for windage and elevation. The most accurate aiming system available for Glock pistols.
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Because this system is the only one currently approved by NATO, I would think it is more rugged, as well as practical. It becomes an integral part of the gun which protects it, and doesn't look "glued on". It also utilizes the slide release switch to turn it off and on, no "add on" switches are required. Bill T.

Rugedness of CTC


I don't know about the lazermax but the CTC grips are super and as a company they seem to be great.
I like the Lasermax guiderod units myself because they are very unobtrusive. As for the ruggedness/reliability I can not personally attest to, but I have seen the videos and they look more than tough.

BTW, if anyone is interested I have one on gunbroker right now.

http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewIt ... =103105643
I personally prefer the Crimson Trace to the Laser Max. My reason is, with Laser Max you have to turn it on with the slide lock. Or at least the ones I have had dealings with are designed this way. With the Crimson Trace gripping the weapon to shoot turns it on.
I agree the Laser Max is well hidden but for functionality I feel the Crimson Trace is much better.
I don't know. I have small hands and I'm not sure that I could deal with the extra lumps on my grip. I think I'd personally still opt for a guiderod laser despite its on/off fiddliness.
Those look very neat.

I bought the Crimson Trace laser sight for my Glock 26

As you can see it is built onto the front of the trigger housing.

If the quality is there and the illumination switch is on the handle - I'd rather have it coming out just under the barrel.

That looks much better to me as far as looks.
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