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Thompson G2 Contender Stainless Steel with Hogue Pistol Grip.

14" Match Barrel from TC Custom Shop in 22LR

Scope Base

Handgun Length Synthetic front Stock

Rifle Length Synthetic front stock for use on shooting rest

Factory Boxes

Trigger Job done by AC Burgess ( AC will not lighten a G2 trigger much at all, basically reduces the travel & polishes the trigger. He has seen several G2's that were not safe when lightened too much)

The gun loves basic Eley Match, and has no trouble touching the .5" ten ring on an IR5050 target at 50 yards off a rest.

The gun has 30 rounds through it. That about as "as new" as it gets. It's no where near being broken in. It still takes a firm hand to close the action.I can't shoot a handgun off a rest or my neck gives out, unless I have a rifle stock to rest my cheek on.

Will ship tour your FFL with a signed copy.

Actual cost for insured shipping.

I might consider trades on 1911's (no Springfield's please), Colt or Smith revolvers. If you have something else for trade I don't mind listening to your offer. Glock in 9mm would be of interest.

Please email me for faster reply.

Scope, Rings, Bipod NOT included.

$595 takes it all in a FTF cash sell. Permit or a copy of your CCH License needed.



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