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To shoot or not?

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My wife won a Beretta model 92fs 9mm about 5 years or so ago. It's a "Operation Enduring Freedom" "M9 US Air Force Edition" "1 of 1000". This has been setting in our gun safe unfired.

Here's the question: Would you shoot it or keep it as a unfired pistol? Comment's?
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I think I would leave it unfired, but that's just my opinion.
Trade it off on something you will use---since it was won you are not out anything but the cost of the ticket(s)
Personally I wouldn't shoot commerative guns. I also don't care to collect them so if I were in your situation I would find something I really wanted and put out a WTT or sell it outright. Unless you gain a personal satisfaction from owning it I would say get something you really want. Someone out there would likely pay good money for the 1st of a set.

Just my thoughts.
Agree with Fuelburns... :wink:
I personally would not shoot it. If in the future you should decide to sell or trade it, it will be worth more.
I don't want a gun that I'm not going to shoot. I also don't want a gun that's considered collectible and of significant value. I want something I'm going to shoot and not feel bad about doing so.
I have had the same "problem" this week. I have a 1 of 5xx Springfield 1911 that I won at a Friends of the NRA banquet about a dozen years ago. Right now I'm short on 1911's and I decided to get this one out and start using it. I has some gold "bling" that I would rather not have, but......
Everyone has the right to use their guns as they see fit. Or not. Do what you think is right.
If the piece is a collectible, then shooting it would remove the gun from the collector's want list. If it is merely a gun which has not been shot, then go for it. In the end, it eats nothing and costs nothing to leave lie in the safe... but shooting it could cost dearly.
Shoot it till it breaks, fix it, then shoot it some more.
Re: re: To shoot or not?

txvashooter said:
Safe queen.
You calling me a safe queen??
Even though this pistol has been a safe queen I've been thinking about shooting it. I don't think it really has that much more value. All my guns are keepers, I've got some that I've haven't shot in many years.

If I decide to shoot it I think I'll add a adjustable rear sight & get a .22 converson kit for it. I'm stuck, I want to leave it unfired & I want to have all kinds of fun shooting it.
I think I'd shoot it if it was me, dont really see the need in owning a firearm that I dont want to or am not willing to shoot. Thats what they are there for and why I live them.
Try to trade it for a gun you would definately want to shoot.
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