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Any fellow Trailside Owners around??? Got myself a Sig Trailside Target 6" model that has the competition grips on it (thanks to a generous shooting buddy that had an extra set).

Love the way it shoots, the only problem I've had with it since owning it (bought it spring 04) is I havent got another magazine for it yet and dont shoot it enough :(
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Nice!!! Everyone needs a good .22, and you have one of the best....wish I had one of those to go along with my Buck Mark.
Hi , I'm new to this site, but I love .22's and shotguns.I have a trailside also with extra mags lol their a little expensive for plastic. I went to the Nill grip site and got great wood grips that are exact copies of the factory plastic ones.I love them and the gun. so easy to clean compared to Ruger mk's.
I just got back from 3 hours at my pistol range.I ran 500 rounds through my 4" & 6" Trailsides. I also own Ruger MK3 Hunter, Browning Buckmark, & S&W 22a. I enjoy all my guns but my Trailsides are my favorites!
Trailside = thumbs up!

Mosquito = not so much!
Glad to find this thread. I just purchased a trailside and then found out that SIG stopped making it. Anyone know the real story? I was looking at a Rugger Mark II, Buckmark, Benneli Neous, and than picked up the trailside. No contest the trailside. It just fit better. Looked better, and that little tag with one hole from all the test shots. I think I'll frame it. :D
Larry's Guns make a trigger for the Trailside that is much better than stock. Unless you are really handy, you should have a gunsmith install it.

I have 3 Trailsides.
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