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Trip to the range...

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This past SAturday was raining buckets, so my Sporting Clays session got rained out. My group going, all decided the NRA range (Fairfax, Va) would be of worth to go to, and shoot some pistols instead. It had been a loooooooong time since shooting pistols. I brought a .22 single six, a new vaquero 45LC and my p90 in 45acp. Hee! I'd not had that much fun in a while, shooting the guns. Discovered, I can still shoot where I aim (and those guns can still still better than I can;)). Many paper targets gave their all in the line of duty Saturday. The only negative is shooting indoors, the noise will make you jump, when folks next to you shoot large calibers. :shock: I prefer outside...

But the best part comes now, one of the ladies who joined us, she just joined the NRA, and now wants a pistol (We got her into sporting clays last year...) and another lady with us, she outshot my buddy, and now is denomstrating the telltale signs of being addicted to the sport, too... :)

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Too bad you couldn't have set up some reactive targets-that really adds a new dimension to pistol shooting.At the local club we shoot everything from eggs to water jugs.Steel targets provide that satifying-CLANG-when hit.Other volunteer targets include waterballons,cantelopes,crackers and clay targets.In short just about anything that lets you know contact was made.
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :wink: 8)
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