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Hey guys and gals.

I stopped by the gunsmith room yesterday and visited for a while. I was asking him if he has experienced any problems with any particular handgun of the newer varieties and models.

Up pops the P345. He said he has had 4 of them in the last 10 days with significant problems. One in particular is feed and eject problems.
He showed me some of the pieces in the guts and I have to say if all of these models are comming off the line as bad as this, they are going to continue to have many more problems in the future.
It is too baad for a gun maker such as this and I'll bet Bill is rolling over in his grave.
His autos were never one for looks but they have always been hell for stout and were so well made as well as strong they just never went bad.

Any of you out there with one of these guns and having problems?
Let me know if you will either here on the forum or PM me.

I have to say I am truly disappointed that one of his guns could get by QC in this condition.

My gunsmith has this particular one set aside to send back to Ruger to ask about the situation we found so will try to keep you posted on their say so and the outcome if we have one.

Not so many problems with the newer models of S&W revolvers but still not good for their autos either.

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