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USP Caliber and Why

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Alright, USP owners... what caliber do you own and why the purchase of that caliber?

Also, if you want, full-size or compact or other?
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I do not own an HK, yet, but I am torn between the 9mm and .45 (for silenced purposes). Of course with my luck HK doesn't make a .40S&W silenced.
I think I would go with the 9mm though - seems more "me" friendly. I've always liked a big gun at my side as much as the next guy, but for repeated shooting I like something more managable (for me).
It kind of seems like a waste though; to have that amazingly strong USP frame for such a small round. Overall I think I'd be happy with any USP I could get my hands on.
I own a USP .40 Standard because I like the full size in a handgun and I think the .40 is a better carry round than the 9mm but its still cheap enough to take out and practice alot with.
sirgunsalot - do you use the standard for a carry pistol? Everyone says to go compact in that regard, but I want to find a brave soul who carries the standard.
Hello Cleric, I do carry my USP Standard but only during certain times of the year. During the summer when I go on vacation I carry it in the car and in a camara bag. Being on vacation no one thinks a person carrying a camara bag around is unusual. During the winter when I can wear a heavy coat I carry it in a vertical shoulder holster. The Standard is a little bulky to try and carry under summer clothes. For now, I carry a North American Arms Black Widow 22 mag in my pocket.
I chose the .40 for concealment...... I carry a Compact 40..... Also my best friend is a cop and he carrys a 40.... = free ammo!!!! for the range :lol:

I'd prefer a .45 but and I am waiting for it in a P2000, or SK!!!
Sir - thanks for the reply. The camera bag is a nifty trick.

40 S&W is pulling away here. People with good taste both in pistol brand and caliber. Bravo. :D
I own a USP .45 FS .. but I shot both the .40 and .45 FS before I bought anything.
The .45 has about 2% more felt recoil. But the big problem is that I did probably close to 10-inch groupings at 25-yards with the .40, but I did 6-inch groupings with the .45. That right there sold me on the .45. -- The exact same gun in two different calibers -- I'd buy the .45 UPS anyday.
But for the P2000 go for the .40 or 357SIG.
I bought my USP in .45 because my brother in law just got back from Afghanistan and had nothing good to say about 9mm. .40 is a nice compromise but it only holds 1 more in the mag than .45 so why not go with the knockdown power of the classic .45?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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