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I've got a 9 millimeter Ruger P94 and a 22 cal Whitney Wolverine. The Ruger is in good to very good condition, the Whitney is in average condition for an old gun, with some rust specks and scratches on the barrel and grip. Both have been fired maybe 1000 rounds.

I'm looking for replacement value for insurance purposes, so what it would cost to buy these guns used from a reputable dealer. I'm guessing the Ruger is worth maybe $250 and the Whitney maybe $750?

Thanks for any input.

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The condition has a great deal to do with the price, and your description is not very precise. A current copy of the Blue Book of Gun Values is about $30, and has a very good section on grading gun condition, both by the finish percent and the NRA grading system.

Ruger P94 (assuming it's not a KP94 stainless)
I'd guess it's 90% based on your description
100% $395
98% $330
95% $285
90% $240
80% $215
70% $200
60% $185

Whitney Wolverine (blue finish, not nickle plated)
I'd guess 70% based on your description.
100% $575
98% $495
95% $425
90% $350
80% $300
70% $260
60% $230

If you'd join the NRA, insurance up to the first $1,000 is included with your membership - and I'll bet that turns out to be cheaper than scheduling these two pistols with your insurance company.
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