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Walther P22

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What is the good, the bad, and the ugly on this little guy. I was thinking about picking one up and I was curious as to everyones experiences/opinions.
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friend of mine has one. Great little plinker, but, his is picky with ammo. It didnt like to cycle cheap bulk ammo but cycled just fine with CCI mini mags. I'm sure that could be fixed with a little chamber polishing and maybe a lighter recoil spring. The barrel is threaded so you can add a suppressor or whatever. I kinda what one in the long barrel "target" model.
A friend has one that I've shot several times. It is a bit picky about ammo and I don't think it's accurate enough to be more than a relatively short range plinker. The small size is a novelty. My friend and his young son have fun with it but it's not to my taste. I already own a BuckMark, a Standard Trailside, and a Neos, I don't see a niche for the Walther.
I think they're priced right as a "plinker" - but personally there are a lot of guns I would look at for more accuracy - S&W mod 41, Hammerli's , Browning, Colt etc .

For a plinker I really like the S&W revolvers. They have great triggers on them.
Well I'll politely disagree with the previous posters, I have a Walther P-22 so does my father and a freind, every single person that has shot mine or my friends has loved it and wanted one. The 3 P-22 that I have shot have been excellent, and have eaten 99% of all the ammo used. I the P-22 is kind of a niche gun built more as plinker with full size gun controls (hammer safety, SA/DA, slide reless, ect) they are absolutley great for starting out new shooter before moving them up to the bigger bores, my new to shooting wife can shoot 2" groups at 7 yards with it, I just sit and reload mags for her..........
Again: my friend has one. I didn't like it. I shot about 200 rounds with it. The trigger felt poorly designed. Jamming was incessant. After it jammed a couple times with one kind of ammo, we switched to a different kind. That jammed quite a bit too, so we tried another brand (didn't help). I know he keeps his guns in the best maintained condition too. I like the Hammerli just for what they stand for, but my hands are too big to enjoy the gun. The .22 I decided on was the new Ruger Mk. III's. They are awesome perfectly reliable guns (I’ve shot about 1200 rounds through it in the last two months and it has had only one jam from a disfigured cartridge). I go through so much .22 ammo because it is so cheap, I love this thing to death.
Glad that some people have good luck with them, but two of my friends bought them and they were real jam-o-matics. These guys were both on a bullseye pistol team with me (no, they had target guns for that!) so they knew how to shoot ans clean a gun. They both ended up selling them in disgust.
The P22 Bible:

http://home.centurytel.net/tanagra/file ... _bible.pdf

I don't have a P22, but have fired one and thought it was a pretty fun little gun. I hope to get one soon. There are a few fixes that some people find they must do to get them working well, but they all seem to be pretty easy and are included in that file.
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