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Walther PPK variant question

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I have a Walther PPK, pre-war commercial, 32 ACP which has apparently an aluminium frame and a magazine latch at the bottom of the grip--not on the frame near the top rear of the trigger guard. It came with 2 magazines and a holster.

What model of PPK do I have? I've not found any data on this frame, magazine latch combination--any pointers would be appreciated.
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The Blue Book of Gun Values has a listing for model PPK pre-war production, 1931-1940. At the bottom of that section it states you should add 60% to the value for a bottom release magazine in .32 ACP.

It also has a separate listing for a model PPK Lightweight, aluminum version. It says to add 20% to the .32 caliber commercial price listing.

So it appears that you have commercial, pre-war, PPK Lightweight in .32 cal with bottom mag release, so you would add at least 80% to the listed value.

A PPK pre-war .32 caliber, rated 100% condition lists as $725.00.

So according to the book, one with a bottom mag release would be worth $1,160.

And since it's a aluminum alloy frame you could add 20% to that and it would be worth $1,392.00.

Or if you wanted to be conservative and just add 80% to the base price of $725.00, the value would be $1,305.00.
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