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Walther PPK

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Has anyone had any experiences with the Walther PPK or PPK/S in .380? I would like to get one and need some feedback on performance and reliability. I'm not worried about the slide cutting my hand as much as feeding, ejection, accuracy, and so on.
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I have a buddy that has a PPK, and a TPH, and hes swears by them!!
Carried the ppk and ppk/s for several years... found that I needed to clean the lint out weekly or I had a jam-a-matic. Kept clean, EXCELLENT carry gun, IMHO. (Got lazy and switched to .38 snubby...clean her twice a year whether she needs :lol: it or not.)
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i dont know anyone who owns a ppk but when i go to gun ranges i like to rent their guns so i can experience lots of different makes n models but the 1 time i tried a ppk i hated it cuz not only did it jam on like every other shot but also was the most inaccurate handgun iv ever shot :x

maybe i jus got a bad model so i cant really say if all ppks suck but hey it is a nice lookin gun n sorta felt like 007 when i was shooting it (well trying to shoot it)
Thanks guys, this is exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Keep it coming! :D
I love the ppk. Great pistol. I've never owned one but I have shot one many times and have never had a problem and always enjoyed it.
Nice piece I had one and traded it for a Beretta 92 and some cash . I always felt the 380 was a little suspect on poop and it felt really small in my paw. A friend bought one of the Makarov's a few years ago other than the oddball Ruskie round it's a pretty close clone for those who want a small poclet rocket but don't have the cash for the Walther.
1gsplover said:
Carried the ppk and ppk/s for several years... found that I needed to clean the lint out weekly or I had a jam-a-matic. Kept clean, EXCELLENT carry gun, IMHO. (Got lazy and switched to .38 snubby...clean her twice a year whether she needs :lol: it or not.)
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Where does the lint go that it jams the gun? This sounds like a problem area that I should pay attention to when I get mine.
lol did u carry it with the action open or something or do u just need to clean the lint trap out of ur dryer once in awhile :wink:
:) Fuelburner, My experience carrying the ppk involved hauling it in a fannypack 99% of the time. This was not an inexpensive fannypack, but it was fabric, not leather. The darned thing may have had lint elves in it. Every week or two I would empty it, turn it upside down and shake it. Looked like a snowstorm sometimes. My current pack is leather and much less prone to linting up. The lint in the pistol itself seemed to accumulate in the slide, creating a drag effect. A :evil: bad :evil: thing!
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It sounds like a holster should nearly eliminate the problem. This is why I tend to lean more towards snub revolvers for carry. They never jam.
I have 2 PPK's , the old German one never jams and the new one is a piece of crap.
Is the new one an Interarms or the Smith and Wesson licensed version? You aren't the first person to say the new ones are junk.
:) FYI: our two (or three?) PPK and PPK/S pistols were all Interarms and all were reliable if kept reasonably clean and lubed.
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My uncle gave me a WWII German issue PP 7.62 cal. to look at because it kept stovepiping on him. I couldn't see anything that could be causing the problem so I contacted Walther of Europe about who they recommended to look at it. They told me to send the gun to Earl's Gun Shop or Gun Repair, I'm not too sure which name. He is located in Tewkwsberry (SP?) Mass. and Walther said that he is the only certified Walther repair person in the USA. He identified the problem as the recoil spring. Shipped the gun back to me pretty quickly. I put about 200 rounds through it with out any problems at all. If you keep it clean and shoot decent ammo out of it you should be pretty happy. It's a neat little gun.
I have an Interarms version from the late 80's. So far it has been completely reliable with 95gr FMJ bullets (just like the owner's manual instructs). It will not feed hollow points reliably though. Golden Sabers will feed most of the time but not reliably enough for a carry gun.
I wonder if most of the negative feedback I've gotten about the PPK was because the wrong ammo was being used? Some designs are just more reliable with FMJ, that's what they were meant to use. Sounds like I'm buying a PPK some time next year. :D
Are the PPKs in .32 inherently more reliable than the .380 versions? I recently read that the original design was for .32 and that they feed more reliably when chambered in .32 but I can't find the website again. I already own one .32 pocket pistol so I wouldn't mind getting another if there was an advantage in performance.
I'm not a fan of the PPK. I've got big paws and the slide tends to tear my hand up. Good gun...just not for me.
I have small girlie hands so I'm not too worried about that.:lol: I need something small enough to fit in a pocket when I don't wear a coat and I like the PPK aesthetically as well as the history of it.
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