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Vaquero in 90% condition. I'm the high bidder and if I win the auction, we'll just have you take over the payment and shipment. My bid is now $150 and I'm ahead at $111. There's been no activity on this for days and even if I'm hit by a one-time or incremental bidder... they may leave discouraged. I have a gut feeling on this... I have found another gun I like better. :D

Of course, if I do win it, I'll put it right back up and will reserve it at what I have into it... price + shipping. :wink:
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That's a good price but it just isn't what I'm looking for. What did you find that you like better? Or are you going to wait until you win that one so we don't snipe on you? :wink:

And here we thought you spend all of your gun money on that 1905 S&W.
I am hedging announcing it as it's the only one for sale, right now. :wink:

My fun money replenishes pretty rapidly... as in every two weeks or so. Since the 1905, I've committed on the NAA and this other piece (which will set me back a month or more). :D

By the way, I could by the Vaquero and trade you for a certain work of Art called FOX! :twisted:
Hey paul, I owned the Vaquero in 45 cal. I made a mistake and sold it. A great gun. I purchased the blackhawk, in .357 cal. Paul do you shop as Michi-Gun?
No, I post as Paul F. :D I'm that on all boards except one. :wink: GunBroker is Paul F...
If it were the old style I would gladly take it off your hands but alas, it is not. I'll pass it on to CAS friends of mine, maybe they will be interested.
A $150 Ruger for a Fox? :shock: I'll have to get back to you on that one. I need time to really weigh my options. :wink:

Olemailman, welcome to PistolWorld! I wouldn't be surprised if Michi-Gun were the gunstore on Harper near Masonic by the same name. I can't prove it though.

EDIT: Paul, it looks like "ridgers" is currently the high bidder. I guess I won't be trading you after all.
Yep... I'm now out of the loop. Thought I had bid $150 and it was only $125. :oops:
Fuelburns2, thats the gun store I was talking about. , on Harper.
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