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What sort of cleaning system do you use/reccomend?

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What sort of cleaning system do you use/reccomend?

I need to pick up the appropriateparts for my new 1911.

How do you clean your gun? I need to pick up a new kit when this infernal waiting period ends for getting my gun. My wife apparently gave my cleaning kit to a friends' son who was getting into shooting (I haven't had a pistol for a few years, and I am glad it went to help a new shooter).

For my shotguns, I use a bore snake between rounds, followed by a scrubbing with a brush at home, followed by patch soaked in #9 pushed thru the bore with the brush. For the 22 I brush, and jag wet patches and dry patch.

Since this is a little different, and I need to pick up gear anways, what would you reccomend? I plan on shooting at first mostly 230gr FMJ and Lead Ball. Maybe try a bag of LSWC.
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In my kit for each caliber I have a coated cleaning rod, brush, cleaning jag, many patches, Q-Tips, various sizes of tooth brushes, a set of small screw drivers, a good copper solvent, Break-Free CLP as a lubricant, and aerosol automotive brake cleaner (same as Gun Scrubber but cheaper) that does not contain ammonia as that can damage aluminum. I also have a largish rag to initially wipe the gun free of large grime and another to use just before oiling. I bought all my pieces individually as the kits that were readily available had flimsy cleaning rods. I don't remember the brand name of my rod but it is solid aluminum with a hard coating that does not seem to collect debris. I keep all my handgun cleaning accessories in a fishing tackle box big enough to hold everything.
As a procedure, I strip the gun down as far as I think necessary and initially wipe with a rag. I then spray out the hard to reach places and give the rest of the gun a general spraying with the brake cleaner. I'll then use the screwdrivers like dental picks to get scrape out tough crud. Placing a patch over the tip can help collect the loose stuff. I may then quickly respray with the aerosol. I'll scrub the bore with the brush and then patches finishing with a patch of CLP down the bore. I then lube all places metal touches metal including the outside of the barrel and guide rod (this last lightly) with CLP or anyplace there is a moving mechanism. For this I'll use patches and Q-Tips as appropriate. Just before reassembly I'll drip a drop or two of oil in the trigger grouping from the top. This sounds much more complicated and involved than it really is.
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Doesn't matter much, I hate 'em all :lol:

Seriously (sort of), I've been using quite a bit of Shooter's Choice cleaning products lately and I guess they work ok because I keep buying them. I've recently bought some of Gunslick's foaming cleaner and it might be a bit easier, but you won't get me to testify in court.

If you buy a kit, the first thing to do is reach in...
grab that little slotted tip that you put a patch through...
and throw it away :wink: because they're worthless--buy a jag to fit the caliber of your pistol (just like UD suggested above).

Caution though, if you try the brake cleaner like he suggests, follow the can instructions about using in a "well ventilated area." That stuff will knock you out and kill brain cells on the way down! Be careful where you spray that stuff too; it'll damage more than just aluminum (I'm thinkin' wood finish here).
I pretty much don't use it in the winter unless it's a nice day and I can take it out of the garage.

One tip. When you go to buy a brass bore brush for your pistol, go ahead and buy 2 or 3 of 'em. They're cheap and are only effective when they fit the bore tightly. As soon as it feels too easy to push through or you find that it's not cleaning, replace it with a fresh one--saves time and effort.

If you're one of those fortunate souls who enjoy everything related to the shooting sports-including cleaning-well, you are blessed indeed.
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It's pretty simple for me:
1 brush, 1 jag, a bottle of hoppe's, a bottle of fp-10(or clp if you choose),a nylon brush, a handful of pipe cleaners, and a lot of patches and q-tips.
Scrub, brush and swab until clean. Time of cleaning depends on thoroughness. You know you're done when the patch/q-tip is clear(minus the color of the solvent). Due to military indoctrination I am somewhat obsessive about firearm cleanliness... clean q-tip=clean firearm.
When the firearm is clean lub sparingly with fp-10 or moderalty with clp(i.e., break free).
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