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WHITE - Kimber/CT grips

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At a recent gun show, I saw a Kimber 45 with a set of white Crimson Trace grips. The grips were white, and the small patch to rear of the trigger was beige in color. When I couldn't find a set of these grips on Crimson's website, I contacted Crimson Trace about them. They told me that those were special Kimber grips. When I contacted Kimber about the grips, they told me that those specific grips were only available on 4 models (Custom TLE II, Stainless Pro Carry II, Pro TLE II and Ultra Carry II). I'd really like a to get a set of the white crimson trace grips for my Classic Stainless. Anyone know where I can get a set of these grips without having to purchase a new Kimber?
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