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Maser said:
txvashooter said:
on SGW, I'm prone to wasting typing stroeks on about anything. ;)
lol yea iv noticed that everytime i go there :roll:
Last I checked, you can't go there, and your posts EVERYWHERE challenges anything I've written in being pure drivel.

Rant off, I'm done with you Maser, I offered words of kindness upon your first arrival even against sevral great memebers here who were on you immediately, but you've sadly confirmed a lot of things in reading your last few posts. I bid good day, and prayers go on, but I'm done with ya.


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whos ranting? i was just at shotgunworld but i use a different name and IP# and dont post nothing there so that way the admins have no clue who i am there and i can read all the posts i want :D
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