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Moses said:
Has anyone installed the reduced power springs in a "J" frame ? how do you like it? :)
I have used them in a number of customers guns. Along with some parts polishing, it makes for a much nicer pull. Lately though, the newer guns I've seen have had very short firing pins, and that can lead to misfires with a lighter mainspring. I have been using the longer Cylinder and Slide brand replacement firing pins from Brownells to compensate for the lighter spring. Works fine, and no customer complaints of misfires with the longer pin/lighter mainspring combo.

Alternately, one could also leave the original mainspring, and just change the trigger return spring to a lighter 11 or 12 pound replacement spring with a good polishing for trigger return. That will lighten the pull considerably, and leave the full power mainspring.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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